New Courier Terminal (NCT)

The New Courier Terminal (NCT) an Express Terminal came into existence w.e.f. 14.10.2003 for processing and clearance of courier consignments. Initially, M/s Express Industry Council of India (EICI) and M/s DHL were appointed as Custodian in 2003. M/s FedEx Express got added as Custodian in 2007. The Terminal Functions round the clock 24x7 basis in 4 shifts – A, B, C & D. Office premises and other facilities like transportation are provided by the Custodian in terms of Handling of Cargo in Customs Area Regulations, 2009.

Reference is invited to public notice no. 57/2017 dated 19.07.2017 and public notice no 08/2017 dated 08.08.2017, wherein the facility of application software known as express cargo clearance system(ECCS) for online clearance of Import bills of Entries is available in FedEx Terminal and DHL Terminal.

new courier terminal
The following have been nominated for providing inputs from their concerned courier company to address the grievances pertaining to their organization. The details of all three officers are as under. Name Of Officer Custodian Ph. No. Email Id
1 Mr.Clayton Rodricks M/s Fedex 011-47700250/200 crodricks[at]fedex[dot]com
2 Mr. Pankaj Kumar Singh M/s DHL 9582216178 record[dot]DEL[at]dhl[dot]com
3 Mr.Rajiv Goel M/s EICI +91 1140571127
+91 1140251124