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Public Notice - Export - 2011



Notice No.
EGM Filing within time limit
Service Tax Refund (STR) to Exporters through Indian Customs EDI System (IECS)
Implementation of Risk Management System for Imports under the Export Promotion Scheme such as VKGUY, FMS and FPS
Drawback - Processing of old drawback claims for Zero Drawback pending in ACE, Delhi in EDI different queues due to various reasons
Drawback - Important Information for Exporters
Transshipment permission - M/s. TNT India Pvt Ltd
Making E-Payment of Customs Duty mandatory
Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) programme for implementation (Downlaod)
Guidelines for examination and testing of food items
RTI - Designation of CAPIO in The Air Cargo Exports, New Delhi  
Drawback Clearance Month
Transshipment of goods between NSEZ Noida and IGI New Delhi by Federal Express Corporation
Self Assessment in Customs as has been incorporated in the Finance Bill, 2011
Printing of Shipping Bills has now been entrusted to the Service Centre
No Clearance on Sunday (03.04.2011) due to ICES 1.5 on account of migration of JNPT
Shutdown of ICES 1.5
Withdrawal of PN No. 15A/2008 dt 19/09/08
Drawback Pendency Clearance Drive
Execution of a common bond for specified EP Scheme
Annexure - click here
Migration of EDI System
Public dealing hours in respect of Drawback Section
Sanction of drawback i.r.o S/Bill For Supp Scroll No11475/10
Execution of Bank Guarantee in respect of Export Promotion Schemes
Annexure - click here
Re-printing of Shipping Bills
Guidlines reg Plant and Plant Products using wood packing materials
Clearance of Pending Drawback Claims - under ICES 1.5
Examination of export consigments of M/s DHL & M/s Fedex