List of Successful Candidate of Written Examination for Customs Broker under Regulation '6' of CBLR-2013, held on 31.01.2014 - reg.. Public notice regarding the budgetary changes in respect of notification Nos. 18/2014-Customs and 19/2014-Customs were issued. Non-Submission of Bills of Entry through ICEGATE on 10.07.2014 at 5.00 PM - reg. For payment of Custom Duty Bank will remain open from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM on 29/03/2014 (Saturday) and 30/03/2014 (Sunday) and from 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM on 31/03/2013 (Monday)                    Circular regarding submission of card deatials by Customs Brokers                    List of Qualified/Passed Candidate G-Card Exam held under Regulation 17 of CBLR, on 10.11.2013 - reg.                   Customs Broker Licence, written Examination under CBLR, 2013 to be held on 31.01.2014-reg.                   List of the rejected applications applied for written examination under regulation 6 of CBLR, 2013 Scheduled to be held on 31.01.2014 with reasons is as under.                   Examination under Regulation 17 of CBLR, 2013 to be conducted on 10.11.2013 - reg.                   Extension of Date for rectification / Defeciancy                   Examination under Regulation 17 of CBLR 2013 to be conducted on 10.11.2013                    Examination under Regulation 17(3) of CBLR 2013                    Public Notice for Recovery Simulation Drill                  Pilot project launched for allowing Chapter 3 of Exim policy benefits for exports through Foreign Post Office, Delhi.(For details refer P.N. No. 13/2013 dated 13.08.2013)                     List Of Successful Candidates of Oral Examination for Customs House agent under regulation '8'