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Delhi Customs is an organization under the Central Board of Excise and Customs, Ministry of Finance. Delhi Customs is the lead agency monitoring Import and Export of goods and services through Delhi Airport. This organization is responsible to facilitate Importers/Exporters and to enforce customs laws as well as other associated Acts and provisions related to the Import and Export of goods and services . The organization has been performing its functioning with the help of “Indian Customs EDI System” which provides door-step facility to the Importer, Exporters and their Agents. We perform on Risk Management Basis and facilitate Imports and Exporters quickly. Our standard to clear import and export goods, if declaration is made in complete form, in 24 and 48 hours maximum. We have also introduced “SEVOTTAM”, i.e. “Public Service Delivery Excellence Model” under which we have endeavored to raise the bar of our excellence and to meet expectations of trade and Industry.


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